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Improving the Mind by Moving Your Body

What is Mind&BodyWorks?

Simply put, Mind&BodyWorks is a practical application of scientifically proven cognition enhancement through physical movement and progressively heightened cognitive load (studied and popularized by kinesiologist Paul McCarthy). 

I am a blackbelt in the Filipino martial art of Derobio Escrima and am an avid dancer. The benefits of the increasingly complex movements include but not limited to:

  • Improved Cognition and Memory

  • Develops Internal Reward System

  • Improved Executive Motor Function

  • Enhanced Neuroplasticity

  •  Defense Against Risk of Alzheimers

  • Increased Brain Volume

  • Increased Hand/Eye Coordination

  • Whole Brain Thinking

  • Flow State

  • Balance of Mind and Body

  • Physical Fitness

  • A Lot of Fun

executive function.jpg

Swingin' Sticks

Functional movement initially designed for combat and self-defense.

All movements taught are based on the 2 systems of Derobio Escrima (known for passing energy) and Pekiti-Tirsia Kali

This is not a self-defense program, but a fun way to enhance the brain---though one never knows.

"Hard to tell if my brain is growing or if I just tapped into my primal self... It's great either way"

Come Dancing

Can you think of anything more fun than dancing the night away? 

Of course not. So why not learn to dance to improve your mind and body?

Our dance techniques are a loose hybrid of swing, shag and lindy hop. The goal isn't to get you win a dance competition, but to enjoy expressing yourself without boundaries--- all the while improving your mental capacity

"this feels like therapy, if therapy were fun!"

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