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Live with That
Come Back to Life

A concept born out of the harsh reality one victim of sexual exploitation expressed. Her '"friend's" (the groomer's) life didn't change, but the victim's life was left in shambles. She is the one who had to 'Live with That.'

As a result, the reality of exploitation and trafficking was realized directly. These women have no idea of the manipulation used to coerce them to go into the dark world of predators and despair.

It is my hope, as a hypnotist and a gentleman, to help expose these techniques to allow victims to begin the process of self-forgiveness and hopefully healing..

Often, the victim is not the only one whose life can be altered by such treachery. There are spouses, parents, and  children who all have to pick up the pieces after Sexual Exploitation has occurred. Other innocent victims of Sexual predators include the often overlooked children from a sexually exploitative encounter. 

The ripples of pain can be widespread and feel never-ending. If we can learn together, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from the threat of sexual predators and groomers.

These monsters live among us. They are teachers, respected business owners, friends and often family.

Due to fear and embarrassment, most victims never report their encounters which leaves the predators unhindered from future victimization.

If you question whether you've been exploited, ask yourself... If I could protect one other person from the monster, the person who exploited me, would I? If the answer is yes, take the time to learn, share and offer yourself this as a resource and a road to self-forgiveness.

Basic Hypnotic Protocol

1.Establish Rapport

building rapport does not mean  gaining trust, it is simply the    absortion of unconscious             attention

2.Depotentiate the Conscious Mind

this simply means to take the conscious mind offline. look at the conscious mind as the gatekeeper (the watchman) that protects you from harmful ideas

3. Build Response Potential

this is the motivation, the leverage, used to get people to accept suggestion

4. Make Suggestions

these are the direct or indirect suggestions implanted into the subconscious mind, carefully woven so as not to raise the alert of conscious protection

***I am here for you and your loved ones. If you feel you've been victimized(often in a fog), feel free to contact me. All exchanges will be discrete and at no cost. Helping you understand the techniques used to prey on you and potentially helping you rebuild is my main goal.

While it advised to seek any available resource to help you through this process, please make use of this site and connected social media.

Social media and this site will be updated with interviews with victims and other professionals in the art of persuasion***

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Core Hypnotic Principles

the law of reverse effect
the harder you try something, the harder it is to resist

authority principle
suggestions are more acceptable when given by an authority

principle of repetition
when ppl concentrate their attention on a certain outcome, it tends to be realized. Repetition is the driving force of suggestions

law of compounding effect
successfully combining suggestions compound their effect
always find agreement before moving to the next suggestion

yes set principle
a yes set is an agreement frame. you get ppl used to agreeing with you by making simple remarks that cannot be denied; or by making small reasonable requests. once a person agrees 3 or 4 times, they are conditioned to find agreement

law of dominant effect
with 2 conflicting emotions, the stronger of the two will prevail. the more you can attach a stronger emotion to something the higher the chance of success

principle of successive approximation
this simply means baby steps. the more success you have with little suggestions, the greater the chance bigger suggestions will take hold

association principle
people respond to suggestions to ideas that resemble what they know to be true

imagination principle
where the will and imagination cross, the will will fail. engaging the imagination engages subconscious level communication

congruence: power of personal belief
this means communicating a message with an outcome you believe you can convince someone of

pleasure/pain principle
we seek pleasure over pain. subconscious decisions are tilted to the more pleasurable outcome

principle of positive suggestions
the mind does not negate. If you are told *not to think of something, you immediately do

principle of social proof
social proof or imitation of the people around one, tends to increase ones acceptance of suggestions. pack instincts will often get people to accept the pack's dominant model of reality. people often imitate peoples mental states around them

interactive nature of suggestion
this is the slow process of discovering what suggestions are taking hold and using them to create further suggestions

After suggestions take hold, you can then point out the suggestion has seated, reinforcing the suggestion

principle of ratification
it is important to demonstrate suggestions have taken hold

utilization principle
this means you communicate with people in the way they approach the world. it can also be used as a way to use the information the subject gives you to match their beliefs

embedded commands
this is simply embedding commands within your

law of parsimony
keep the suggestions simple

state control
you become the person/put out the energy you are trying to place in other

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"Often, the hardest part is admitting to ourselves that we can be manipulated so easily. As a result, we often change our life to match the decision we think we made."
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