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Trance-Work and Traditional Hypnosis 


Though not quite what you may have seen on TV, traditional direct hypnosis allows you to learn at a subconscious level. Trance work simulates the imprinting stage of our youth.


Most are awake and aware of their surroundings while others drift in and out. Many describe this style of hypnosis to be peaceful and feel refreshed after the experience.


Relaxation Response/De-Triggering


Using techniques from Dr. Herbert Benson's groundbreaking work, the Relaxation Response is a directed reformatting of how we deal with stress. It is the body's "rest and digest" equivalent to the stressful "fight or flight."

Just a few sessions allows you to develop the skill of coming down from stress and eventually the ability to bypass it. Imagine being able to be "triggered" into a positive physical and emotional state..


Confession and Redemption


After years of hypnosis experience, patterns emerge. People are cursed with living with deeply hidden secrets. Some are overt and damaging to others while some simply harbor limiting beliefs. How different could your life be if you shed the burden of these secrets? ​


Now take it a step further, imagine developing a reasonable plan of action to alleviate the weight from your past indiscretions. This allows you to clean the slate so you can offer your best to yourself and your loved ones.

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